I signed up!  Now what?
Thank you so much! Continue to check your email for updates and other important UPQ information. Also, please view the web-based training module. This has to be completed before your volunteer shift.

I’m a UO staff member; am I able to participate?  If so, for how many hours?
As is the practice for Commencement or University day, staff wishing to participate in Unpack the Quack must first check with their supervisors to determine if departmental operations allow time away from work.  Each department will then determine how much time away from work is possible and if time to participate in this event is paid release time or, at the employee’s discretion, unpaid time or accrued paid time, i.e., vacation or personal time.

How much heavy lifting will I be doing?
Heavy lifting is not required.  Students and their families are expected to handle any unusually heavy or fragile items (including electronics).  The volunteer’s main duty is to meet students at the unloading zones and help get items up into the residence hall rooms, and then return to the loading zones to help the next family.  If you don’t feel that you can safely lift something, please don’t lift it!

If something breaks while I’m carrying it, will I be responsible for repair or replacement?
No, but do take great care while assisting students with their belongings – both for your safety and for the safety of the items.  If an item does break, please direct the student to their Community Director, or the Unpack the Quack Headquarters.

I’m a residence hall student. As a volunteer, when can I move in?  How does early move-in work for me?
If you are a residence hall student, you can move in one night before the general move-in date.  As a volunteer for Unpack the Quack, you will not be charged for this early arrival night.  Early arrival check-in takes place at your Housing Service Center between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

What should I wear for my UPQ shift?
Volunteers will receive an Unpack the Quack t-shirt when they check-in for their shift.  (If you have been an UPQ volunteer before; you can wear your yellow tshirt from years past and show up to check in)! We’ll also provide a name tag for you to fill out.  You should wear comfortable closed-toe shoes (no flip-flops or sandals) and comfortable clothing suited for walking, climbing stairs, carrying items, and bending. Be mindful of the temperature; stay hydrated!

We also recommend that you do not bring bags, purses, or valuables as we will not have a secured place to store those items during your shift.

How do I use my free meal?
Volunteers who sign up for at least one of our pre-set shifts will receive a meal voucher at the end of their shift.  That meal voucher is good for five points in any University Housing dining venue and will expire within a few days after UPQ. Due to the number of volunteers, only one meal voucher will be given per volunteer even if multiple shifts are worked.

Is the time I spend eating my free meal considered part of my volunteer shift?
No – Please wait until after your shift to get your meal, that time is your own to enjoy.  Staff members should remember to check with their department supervisor for time-off related issues.

Where should I park my car on the Move-In day?
In order to make space for unloading zones, we’re asking all members of the campus community to consider taking alternative transportation to campus that day.  If you need to drive, we recommend parking west of University Street.

I’m a member of a campus-affiliated group or department. Can I promote my group on move-in day?
The purpose of Unpack the Quack is to welcome students to the broader UO community.  Your nametag will identify the group or department affiliation that you indicated when you signed up to volunteer, and you may discuss your organization in conversation or if asked by students or family members.  You may not engage in promotion, recruitment, or advertising (ex. distribute flyers).

I’m not affiliated with the University of Oregon. Can I still volunteer?
Thanks for your interest, but we are limiting our volunteers to campus-affiliated groups and individuals.

I already signed up via this website, but I need to change some of my information or shift preferences.  What do I do?
If you need to make changes after you receive your shift assignment, you can contact our office at housing@uoregon.edu or by phone at 541-346-4277.

What if I have more Questions?
Contact the Housing Office
Phone: 541-346-4277
Email: housing@uoregon.edu

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